Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Legal Foundation of Education

a. 1987 Philippine Constitution
b. EDCOM Report
c. Education Act of 1982
d. Memoranda, DEpEd Order
e. North America



  1. Education took the highest budget in this country. With that, we are looking at a better system and a better delivery of services under the Department of Education. But don't be ready yet to take off you hats to Mr. Secretary of Education whom I know little or none at all. The government's education budget could have carried waves of immediate goods (books, meals) and materials (technologies) or perhaps new buildings and employ new teachers but instead tons of "noddle like transactions" were seen by the press a lame justification of where the money goes. It is sad to know that they are taking the "bread" from our kids, and giving them breadcrumbs instead. Article XIV, section 1 of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines states that, "the state shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels, and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all". The following paragraphs mentions the ways the governments laid out plans to implement this law. To the dismay of everyone none of these completely happened. No quality of education, and not accessible to all.
    In some countries they made it sure that education at primary and secondary level is free with facilities adapting to the rapid changes of technologies. Countries like Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and other Asian countries except the Philippines had pledge to a modern school facilities and tools for learning. One school of thought says that education lacks the pace in coping up with the rapid change in society. While this is true, our government hibernated long time ago not knowing when to wake up and act otherwise.
    I like what's happening in America the United States (not central nor south) Bush the son made it clear in his education agenda not to leave any child behind. Barak Obama upon taking his oath of office resounded that education is one of his priorities next to the economy of the nation. He wants all levels of education strengthened and upgraded, if not overhauled. We are not lagging way behind in literacy here in the Philippines but we need leaders who can nail down the law in their hearts and minds so that our education budget will go where it belongs. Of course not in their pocket!

  2. On legal foundations of education

    As mandated in the fundamental law of the land, Filipino children will enjoy free public quality elementary and secondary education. Nowadays, the government still provides free education but quality… I don’t think so. As I have observed, , when you go to public schools, you will notice that a number of teachers are engaged in non-sense conversations during office/class hours and most of the teachers have “something for sale” in their respective classrooms. Both is very much contrary to law. Teachers are expected to spend their hours nurturing and shaping the minds of the children not gossiping or selling merchandise.

    I believe that the government can still cure this “disease” by providing more “handsome benefits”, seminars and trainings for classroom teachers to keep abreast with the latest in education. For a start, they may approve the bill that is still pending in the House of Representatives since the 12th Congress that raises the salary grade of teachers. Every year, the Upper and Lower Houses approves the General Appropriation Act… Instead of giving a hefty budget to the Department of National Defense or Department of Public Works and Highways…I hope they allocate bigger budget on Education for the purpose of increasing the benefits of the teachers and providing them with trainings and seminars.

    With these, I think all Filipino children will enjoy free, quality public elementary and secondary education.

    god bless us all!

  3. From Anna Ignacio:

    Eva has mentioned about the budget of the government which is being approved yearly with sometimes high budget being allocated to the DND. The DND was once my last office when I was with the AFP for three years. The DND's budget is for the military. It has a budget which one purpose is for the AFP; for the purchase of equipment needed to better the living and working conditions and fully arm our soldiers out there in the fields while they battle with lawless criminals and terrorists. It has a high budget but is also corrupted by those heads out there in the field; in my opinioin, the "Magdalo" soldiers were an example of the real feelings being expressed by a group of soldiers who were manipulated, subordinated to believe of promises of good equipment and better living and working conditions. We wonder why will an uprising of such be in the headlines if it weren't true. THE DND also need a high budget for our AFP, the forefront of our country's defense system; the same with our educational system.

    Sadly, it is the same with the Educational system of the country. WE appropriate the highest budget for the education of our future leaders which Rizal has belived in and we continually hope to believe in.

    The laws of the land is clear, well-written, well-intentioned, perhaps, appropriate for the needs of our society. However, it is the implementors who is at fault here. It is the differing personality, attitudes, ugly motives of these leaders who are in tops posts of our government that we have to blame. WE continually blame each other anyway, making rude comments, nonsense arguments in the Senate when we turn on our TVs when instead of doing such,turn their "think tank" ideas into something more productive and see the ailing conditions of our future leaders---our children.

    However, as teachers, instead of waiting for a miracle from our political system of government, we should ask ourselves,who will be in charge of our children? Who will guide them from their pessimist way of thinking, even students from the U.P. are attacking the government and wanting "Change", even ousting PGMA. These government scholars are even expected to side with the government but they are against them, are they not?

    Legal issues are always a controversy and will need brains for lots of debate. We can only do much in a little time, in our little way. As long as we know our roles as educators, know the ethics we need to display in our jobs, aware of the efforts we need to continually guide our students for success, we as a class can help in our own little ways.

    There is goodness if we display it amidst the chaos of this world...

  4. As mentioned in Article XIV,Sec 5.5 of the 1987 Philippine COnstitution, "The State shall assign the highest budgetary priority to education and ensure that teaching will attract and retain its rightful share of the best available talents through adequate remuneration and other means of job satisfaction and fulfillment." How come that there are schools that lack educational facilities like classrooms, chairs, books,etc. Where are this budget going? In the pocket of powerful officials? Then teachers and students will suffer? This is a big unfair!

    Teachers are molding the minds of children to become efficient and effective individuals in the future. It's not an easy task where the pupil's learning depends on you. In return, they deserved to be given what are due for them. The salaries received are not even enough for a living, they must also be given adequate benefits that they would surely enjoy.

    Children, on the other hand, are the hope of our nation. So, they must be given the right to enjoy their education and not suffering from it like having classes in the quadrangle, on the stage, stairs or under the trees. In these cases, pupils cannot learn well because of unsuitable environment and lack of facilities.

    So, our government must be aware of what's been going on not just entertaining nonsense issues. A rightful act is needed to have a fulfilling education...

  5. ...Education has the highest budget in this country. for me thats the main reason why lots of our goverment officials are corrupt. There are so many issue but the goverment are taking this for granted because they were afraid to seek for the truth.

    why is it that there are schools that is lack educational facilities like classrooms, chairs, books,etc. Where are this budget going?Everybody knows that it goes to the pocket of powerful officials? Then teachers and students are tho one who is suffering and taking all the risks. This is a big dilema for our society.

    why should we pro lomg our agony...
    why dont we make any small action upon this matter? as a new breed of teachers, we are the one who will gonna suffer this in the near future.